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3 minutes Crete Roadtrip

In May we did a 6‑days roadtrip in a small rent­al car on the beau­ti­ful island of Crete, Greece. A big thank you to Ian­nis and Monika, who made this trip pos­sible 🙂 We vis­ited Ela­fon­isi beach, Ked­ro­dasos, the city of Chania, the Arche­olo­gic­al museum in Herak­lion and the tra­di­tion­al vil­lages of Limes. In addi­tion we hiked on the E4.
Leaf and Sea, 06.08.2019

Ferry from Rhodes to Crete

In March we took the Anek Lines-ferry “Prev­el­is” from Rhodes to Crete. Anek Lines states on its web­site that it is an envir­on­ment­ally friendly com­pany.  In this video we present the jour­ney and our exper­i­ences and urge them to ful­fill their statement.
Leaf and Sea, 31.07.2019

3 minutes in Turkey

From the cold North­east of Tur­key to the warm South­w­est we could explore this coun­try much more intense than on our first trip in Decem­ber. We hitch­hiked a lot, couch­surfed at loc­als couches and fell in love with the vegan nation­al dish Cigköfte. Our video „3 minutes in Tur­key“ shows our experiences.
Leaf and Sea, 20.05.2019

One day in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park

In Novem­ber 2018 we were really lucky that we could vis­it Enea in “his” Nation­al Park Divjaka-Kara­vas­ta. We join him on his tour through this fas­cin­at­ing wet­land and sim­ul­tan­eously largest lagoon in Albania. Have a look at this pro­tec­ted area through Eneas eyes. 
Leaf and Sea, 03.02.2019

Weekend trip to national park Prokletije

What an action: We hitch­hiked 160km to the North­east of Montenegro. Our goal: the moun­tains of the nation­al park Prok­letije. On our way back we had the chance to feel the spir­it of the Albani­an and Montenegrin tra­di­tions. Check out whom we met and what we exper­i­enced! Leaf and Sea, 07.10.2018

Looking at Invasive Species

As Rad­m­ila Šakic is work­ing as seni­or officer for pro­tec­ted areas around Som­bor city for the pub­lic enter­prise Voj­vod­in­ašume she has vast exper­i­ence about nature con­ser­va­tion. Find out about the pre­cious hab­it­ats, invas­ive spe­cies, col­lab­or­a­tions and prob­lems in the 19,648 ha large spe­cial nature reserve “Gornje Podunavlje” at the Dabue in North­w­est of Ser­bia. Vis­it the Web­site . Leaf and Sea, 21.09.2018

Big Jump for the River Drava

Tat­jana Arnold Sabo organ­ized this year’s Big Jump into river Drava in Križn­ica. As an employ­ee for the Pub­lic Insti­tu­tion for Man­age­ment of Pro­tec­ted Nat­ur­al Areas and Eco­lo­gic­al Net­work in Virovit­ica-Podrav­ina county she has a lot of know­ledge about the high eco­lo­gic­al value of the river sys­tem. Find out more about the Drava and the ways it is pro­tec­ted. Leaf and Sea, 08.07.2018.