Take three

thumbs up and go

To Asia without flying

Since the first of Novem­ber we’ve been hitch­hik­ing and there­fore fol­low­ing the motto “thumbs up and go”. We decided not to con­tin­ue with bikes (which was not an easy decision!). That we are not fly­ing has been already clear since the begin­ning. So we are start­ing a new adven­ture: more wait­ing, more con­tact to loc­al people and more sup­port of great pro­jects. We will con­tin­ue to post inter­est­ing con­tents on our blog, on face­book and ins­tagram. In addi­tion to that, we will keep our travel map up to date so that you can fol­low all our fur­ther steps and hap­pen­ings.


One week we were walk­ing  the streets, put­ting up our thumbs and were wait­ing. Mostly we were lucky and were taken by a car rel­at­ively fast. This way we met many inter­est­ing people and vis­ited three nation­al parks in this beau­ti­ful coun­try.

Greece and Habibi.Works

Since the eighth of Novem­ber we are in Greece and sup­port­ing the pro­ject Habibi.Works. Vivi­ane is help­ing in the cre­at­ive area and Stef­fen in the met­al work­shop. Mainly people who have fled their coun­tries  come here to repair or pro­duce some­thing use­ful and beau­ti­ful.


Because Vivi­ane had a cold and we had bad luck with the weath­er, we took the bus to Istan­bul. A met­ro­pol­is of mil­lions awaited us with great con­trasts — and many cats. Since the bad weath­er was our per­sist­ent com­pan­ion, long bus rides became routine. But two awe­some couch­surfers made our time in Tur­key unfor­get­table. Thanks to Fatih and Sükrü!

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