Take Two

endangered Salina and exciting sea

Visit with us Ulcinj Salina and the underwater world!

In Septem­ber und Octo­ber 2018 we stayed in Ulcinj in South of Montenegro. We ren­ted an apart­ment and could be act­ive from there. Vivi­ane sup­por­ted the loc­al nature con­ser­va­tion asso­ci­ation MSJA and Stef­fen explored the under­wa­ter world.

MSJA and the salina

The Dr. Mar­tin Schneider-Jac­oby Asso­ci­ation (MSJA) is com­mit­ted to the pro­tec­tion of the salina and oth­er nat­ur­al treas­ures in Ulcinj. Vivi­ane pre­pared a com­pre­hens­ive map about Ulcinj Salina, updated the MSJA web­site of the asso­ci­ation and helped with vari­ous activ­it­ies.

The goal is to make aware of Ulcinj Salina and its his­tory. As many sig­na­tures as pos­sible should be col­lec­ted to secure the future of the Salina as an import­ant bird hab­it­at. If you have not signed the #SaveSalina-peti­tion until now, please do so here: www.savesalina.net.

Diving in the sea

Stef­fen is an enthu­si­ast­ic diver and ocean lov­er. There­fore he explored the under­wa­ter world in Ulcinj. As the diving school was closed unex­pec­tedly, he taught him­self basics in free­d­iving and enjoyed the time in the water.

In addi­tion to that we took part in the Inter­na­tion­al Coastal CleanUp on 15.09.2018 and col­lec­ted a lot of trash. If you still didn’t know: Sadly, our oceans are pol­luted, over­fished and weakened by cli­mate change.

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