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Great, that you are part of our world tour

We are will­ing to take you with us into a world full of excit­ing stor­ies about inspir­ing people and breath-tak­ing nature.
We star­ted our sus­tain­able world tour on 01.06.2018. At the moment we are in Kat­si­kas in North­ern Greece to sup­port the pro­ject Habibi.Works. Here we sup­port people who fled their coun­tries to pro­duce nice things in the cre­at­ive area and the met­al work­shop.
In our first stage we cycled from Ger­many to Montenegro. There we spent two months to sup­port the loc­al NGO MSJA to pro­tect a bird para­dise.
Check out Our Travel Map to see where we traveled and which exper­i­ences we made so far. Our goals for the world tour are to travel sus­tain­ably, see nature, meet people, con­nect them and do vol­un­tary work. Find out more about our Travel Codex.

Travel sustainably

We stay on ground, close to nature and people — and there­fore do not look down on our world from above sit­ting in an air­plane. For that view we have enough satel­lite images…. We don’t only travel as sus­tain­ably as pos­sible from place to place, but we also try to leave a small eco­lo­gic­al travel foot­print. For more details check out our Travel Codex.

Marvel at nature

Des­pite forest destruc­tion, over­fish­ing the oceans and bil­lions of oth­er prob­lems, there still exist those amaz­ingly beau­ti­ful nat­ur­al places on our plan­et. We want to exper­i­ence those breath-tak­ing land­scapes firsthand, mar­vel at them and cap­ture them for you!

Meet people

We meet people, talk with them and tell their stor­ies, espe­cially from people com­mit­ted to the pro­tec­tion of nature. Our adven­tures and encoun­ters should make you (more) excited about nature, inspire you to get act­ive and to travel and con­sume sus­tain­ably. It’s more fun!

Get active

We also want to dirty our hands and get sour muscles from work sup­port­ing those people. We wish to sup­port ini­ti­at­ives, asso­ci­ations and organ­iz­a­tions with same goals as we set in our Travel Codex. Plant­ing trees, pick­ing up garbage from beaches, cook­ing food for refugees… Really, there are (almost) no lim­its to how we can dirty our hands to make this world a bet­ter place.

Take One: Danube and Balkan

On our first stage we ped­alled with our bikes from Rad­olfzell to Ulcinj in Montenegro. 3700 km in 3 months from June to Septem­ber 2018. We cycled along the Danube bicycle trail (EuroVelo 6) and along the Balkan Green Belt (EuroVelo 13). Check out Our Travel Map to see our route. We did this trip to inform about the #SaveSalina – cam­paign and the nature con­ser­va­tion found­a­tion EuroNatur.

Take Two: Salina and Sea

From Septem­ber to Novem­ber we stayed in Ulcinj, Montenegro. Vivi­ane sup­por­ted the loc­al nature con­ser­va­tion asso­ci­ation MSJA (Dr. Mar­tin Schneider-Jac­oby Asso­ci­ation) and helped them to pro­tect Ulcinj Salina, a real bird para­dise. She designed a map of the salina for tour­ists and improved the MSJA web­site.

Take Three: Thumbs up and go

In take three we hitch­hiked from Montenegro through Albania to North­ern Greece. Albania is home to 15 nation­al parks and in one week we got a glimpse of 3 of them (Val­bona, Theth and Divjaka-Kara­vas­ta). In Kat­si­kas, Greece, we are at the moment sup­port­ing Habibi.Works, a pro­ject for people who fled their coun­tries.

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