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A big THANK YOU to our supporters

On this site we wish to thank those sup­port­ing us before and dur­ing our tour. It is very import­ant to us to show appre­ci­ation for the gen­er­ous and hos­pit­able people on our world. Whenev­er we can we want to give good and valu­able con­sid­er­a­tion to them. Indeed, men­tion­ing them on this site doesn’t mean a lot, how­ever, we love to report and speak about our sup­port­ers and their stor­ies in appro­pri­ate situ­ations. In addi­tion, we record all the sup­ports with their approx­im­ate value – that means that in the end we will know, how much money we spent in total and how much we got from you. We bet it will be con­sid­er­ably more!


From an idea in a pub to an inter­na­tion­al bicycle spe­cial­ist: in the past 20 years, bike-com­pon­ents tuned them­selves into a gigant­ic online store (https://www.bike-components.de) with a wide range of art­icles for bicycle enthu­si­asts. Des­pite the quant­ity, they totally focus on qual­ity in the Aachen store — mass pro­cessing is a taboo! Togeth­er with vaude, bike-com­pon­ents gran­ted us a large dis­count on some bike articles!


We are very happy about EuroNatur being our offi­cial part­ner for our first stage. EuroNatur’s nature and spe­cies con­ser­va­tion pro­jects help pre­serve Europe’s diverse and most beau­ti­ful nat­ur­al and cul­tur­al land­scapes. In our opin­ion espe­cially the mis­sion to run long-term pro­jects with loc­al part­ner organ­iz­a­tions deserves sup­port. EuroNatur is com­mit­ted i.a. to the pro­tec­tion of bears, wolves, lynxes, monk seals and migrat­ory birds, as well as to secur­ing an eco­lo­gic­ally sus­tain­able devel­op­ment of the respect­ive region.

Kipepeo — Clothing

We have nev­er been to Tansania before, how­ever, we know that „Kipepeo“ means but­ter­fly in Kiswahili. We know it thanks to the guys from Kipepeo. We think their story is quite inspir­a­tion­al and we wish to spread the word through wear­ing their t‑shirts. Everything star­ted with a child’s sketch giv­en as a present to Mar­tin dur­ing his time as assist­ant teach­er in Tansania. He prin­ted the draw­ing as a memory on a T‑shirt. In the mean­time there are many eco-fair T‑shirts with funny and unique motives. From the pro­ceeds of the sale loc­al chil­dren are sup­por­ted. In future we will be part of the Around the World gal­lery. Find out more here.

Triodos Bank

As you may know, money — or the greed for it – can harm people and nature. As to avoid that our sav­ings are included in shady deal­ings we searched for sus­tain­able banks. We decided on the Tri­od­os Bank. Since 1980 they deal in cred­its exclus­ively to sus­tain­able pro­jects, which bene­fit people, envir­on­ment or cul­ture. Examples are e.g. schools, rest homes, organ­ic agri­cul­ture and renew­able ener­gies. Those pro­jects are por­trayed in detail and trans­par­ently on the Tri­od­os web­site. In the mean­time over 600,000 people in Europe are part of the Tri­od­os move­ment. We also wish to be included and put our money into trust­ful hands. Money can achieve so much more – namely it can turn the world into a dir­ec­tion we are choos­ing! Great, isn’t it? If you also want to join, have a look at the Tri­od­os website.

Vaude Store in Constanze

We think Vaude is great because they live a sus­tain­able cor­por­ate philo­sophy. They try to pro­duce their out­door equip­ment as envir­on­ment­ally friendly and fair as pos­sible. Sound labels such as that from the Fair Wear Found­a­tion under­line their efforts. On top of that Vaude art­icles are func­tion­al, trendy and dur­able. 5 out of 5 stars. The Vaude store in Con­stan­ze offers a whole range of those lovely products and spon­sors us with some art­icles. In the rainy future you will find fotos of us in cagoules and rain pants on the face­book page of the store. Find the face­book page here (Ger­man).

Zweirad Joos

Zweirad Joos sup­ports us with some bike equip­ment and expert­ise miss­ing on our side. In Rad­olfzell and oth­er cit­ies at Lake Con­stance the com­pany owns stores with a large area mak­ing them one of the largest bicycle deal­ers here. If you wish to make a trip around the largest lake in Ger­many, you can lend the bikes here or the exper­i­enced team repairs your own bike if neces­sary. Find out more here about Zweirad Joos. In addi­tion, the vaude store in Con­stan­ze belongs to the same own­er and also sup­ports us with use­ful gear.

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