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As you might have found out on our web­site already, we are doing our world tour not just for our amuse­ment! No, we want i.a. to help organ­isa­tions work­ing for the pro­tec­tion of nature and people to achieve their import­ant goals. There­fore we don’t ask you to sup­port us, but to sup­port them. Please find below all rel­ev­ant inform­a­tion for your choice of dona­tion. Thank you so much!


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The nature con­ser­va­tion found­a­tion EuroNatur has been already act­ive over 20 years for the con­ser­va­tion of the pre­cious nature in Europe. The focus of EuroNatur is to strengthen loc­al con­ser­va­tion organ­isa­tions and to cre­ate an inter­na­tion­al net­work between them. Solu­tions how people and nature can live in har­mony togeth­er are the out­come of work of Euronatur. Togeth­er with their part­ners they imple­ment those nature and people friendly solu­tions. All this is done in a very pro­fes­sion­al and mutu­al atmosphere.

Team: about 24 employ­ees
Activ­it­ies: sup­port­ing loc­al NGOs in con­serving nature (espe­cially in the Balkans)
Out­reach: fb, tw, you­tube
Dona­tions: money, spread mes­sage, more here
Volun­teer­ing: maybe,  please con­tact EuroNatur directly


#nature #ulcinj #asso­ci­ation

MSJA (Dr. Mar­tin Schneider-Jac­oby Asso­ci­ation) is a nature con­ser­va­tion asso­ci­ation foun­ded in 2016 and loc­ated in the very South of Montenegro. The goal is to pro­tect the nat­ur­al beau­ties in and around the coastal city of Ulcinj. There are beau­ti­ful stone bays and sand beaches, hun­dreds of years old olive trees and a large salina. A lot to do for this still small asso­ci­ation. Besides aware­ness rais­ing activ­it­ies such as cleanups and exhib­i­tions, MSJA is also lob­by­ing for the pro­tec­tion of the areas at loc­al and nation­al level. This grass roots group deserves sup­port for it’s con­tinu­ous work.

Team: 1 employ­ee, over 100 mem­bers
Activ­it­ies: aware­ness rais­ing activ­it­ies, lob­by­ing
Out­reach: fb, you­tube
Dona­tions: money, mater­i­al, spread mes­sage
Volun­teer­ing: yes, please con­tact MSJA for fur­ther information


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Habibi.Works is an open work­shop for people who have fled their coun­tries. It was set up in 2016 by Soup and Socks, a Ger­man asso­ci­ation. An inter­na­tion­al team of about 8 to 13 young and ambi­tious people make amaz­ing things hap­pen: From Tues­days to Sat­urdays they offer eight dif­fer­ent work­shop areas, e.g. Media Lab, Wood and Tex­tile to hun­dreds of refugees and any­body inter­ested. Here people can relax, repair or pro­duce use­ful and nice things in the eight work­shop areas and enjoy deli­cious lunch togeth­er. Through their time here many of them have already found and will find a new per­spect­ive for their lives.

Team: 8 — 13, all volun­teers and 1 employ­ee
Activ­it­ies: open work­shop for people who have fled their coun­tries
Out­reach: fb, tw, in, you­tube
Web­site: &
money, mater­i­al, spread mes­sage
Volun­teer­ing: yes, min. 3 weeks, short applic­a­tion with call neces­sary, food and accom­mod­a­tion inclusive