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idyllic Danube and mountainous Balkan

From Lake Constance to Montenegro

On our first stage we cycled from Rad­olfzell at Lake Con­stance to Montenegro. Our con­tin­ous com­pan­ion until the Romani­an-Bul­gari­an bor­der was the Danube river (EuroVelo 6). We cycled along the Balkan Green Belt which is also the Iron Cur­tain Trail (EuroVelo 13).

You can check Our Travel Map to see, where we have been and what we exper­i­enced. In addi­tion we took inter­views and pub­lished blog posts about this excit­ing stage. We also pos­ted on face­book and ins­tagram (@leafandsea).

We used our first stage to pro­mote the valu­able work of the nature con­ser­va­tion found­a­tion EuroNatur. Vari­ous pro­jects along the Balkan Green Belt are imple­men­ted by EuroNatur to pro­tect amaz­ing nat­ur­al land­scapes. Two of those pro­jects are the #SaveSalina- and the Save­Paradis­e­For­ests- cam­paigns. Please sign the peti­tion to SaveSalina. With this action you sup­port our efforts. Thanks a lot.


EuroNatur is com­mit­ted to pre­serving Europes nat­ur­al beau­ties with longlast­ing  pro­jects. The pro­jects are mainly loc­ated along the Green Belt Balkan, the former iron cur­tain. EurNatur imple­ments pro­jects in cooper­a­tion with loc­al organ­isa­tions for the pro­tec­tion of the pristine nature in the Balkans. Bears, wolves, lynxes and migrat­ory birds feel at home here. Two of the EuroNatur pro­jects are the pro­tec­tion of Ulcinj Salina and the primary forests of Romania.

Balkan Green Belt

The Green Belt stretches across 12,500 kilo­metres from the far north in Finnland to the Black Sea in the South. Until 1989 the Iron Cur­tain divided the East from the West. In the bor­der area nature could unfold undis­turbed by human activ­ity for dec­ades. Nowadays the former Iron Cur­tain strings togeth­er pre­cious hab­it­ats like green perls through whole of Europe. Two of those perls are Ulcinj Salina and the primary forests in Romania.


The #SaveSalina cam­paign was ini­ti­ated by EuroNatur and part­ners to pro­tect Ulcinj Salina in Montenegro. The salina is a pre­cious bird para­dise which is threatened to be turned into a lux­ury resort. With our jour­ney we wish to make people aware of this threat. As many people as pos­sible should sign the peti­tion to pres­sure the gov­ern­ment to offi­cially pro­tect Ulcinj Salina. Please sign the peti­tion here!

For salt. For birds. For people.

Save Paradise Forests

Romania is home to the largest area of primary forests in the EU. Sadly, in the last years more and more of these forests were logged, although they are offi­cially pro­tec­ted by law! With the cam­paign EuroNatur and the Romani­an part­ner Agent Green fight for these valu­able forests.
Find out more about the vari­ous activ­it­ies on the cam­paign web­site.

From Lake Constance to Ulcinj

The map below shows our pro­jec­ted travel route before we star­ted. We cycled some parts dif­fer­ently. You can find our inter­act­ive Travel Map with impres­sions and pic­tures here. Please check it out.

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