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About nipples and warmshowers

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Happy East­er! In our child­hood we loved to search for presents for hours in our gar­dens. To revive this beloved tra­di­tion we asked the East­er bunny to hide some presents for us this year. Lo and behold, we were presen­ted abund­antly.
At home we found lus­cious chocol­ate! This is com­fort food essen­tial for our nerves while work­ing on our web­site… Some­times it can be really nerve-wreck­ing, espe­cially when, seem­ingly, the serv­er is down or the web­site hacked… ! Des­pite the online-dis­rup­tions (we already thought we broke down the inter­net) we man­aged to cre­ate a new page: Take One — Danube and Balkan. On this page we will keep you pos­ted about dif­fer­ent stops dur­ing our tour. Please have a look at it.

On top of that we cre­ated a page to hon­or our sup­port­ers. You can check out our net­work here. If you wish to be part in our net­work please feel free to check out the Join us page.

We had a meet­ing with one of our sup­port­ers this Wed­nes­day: with Chris­toph from Zweirad Joos. We are very happy about the pan­niers, cloth­ing and seats and espe­cially the know-how. To not get egg on our faces when we meet the next time we already learned- via You­Tube how to change broken spokes. Things used were i.a. nipples and chain whips…  The first usage and there­fore our acid test will be soon, we fear…

The east­er sur­prise (from left): Vivi, sexy green hel­met, Stef­fen and Christoph

In addi­tion we were also suc­cess­ful in search of new one-night-stands: We will stay over at very nice people in Tut­tlingen and the Bav­ari­an Forest. We are eager to meet you guys! Fur­ther­more we updated our pro­files on couch­surf­ing and warm­showers. We look for­ward to great con­tacts through those platforms.

We hope you also were as suc­cess­ful as we in find­ing presents.

Green greet­ings from the South
Vivi­ane and Steffen

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    Super Stef­fen kom­mt Gesund wieder Grüsse Regina

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