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How everything started…

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… and how everything will start.

Now we know where we will open our eyes on the 1st of June and there­fore start our big adven­ture offi­cially. It will be at a place very spe­cial to us: the Naturfre­un­dehaus at Lake Con­stan­ze.
Not so long ago, in the Friends-of-Nature House in Markelfin­gen at Lake Con­stan­ze we got to know each oth­er for the first time. As from that day onwards we only have pos­it­ive moments to remem­ber, we see it as a good sign (yes, we do believe a bit in fate). Sub­sequently, we spent many beau­ti­ful hours at the Friends-of-Nature House. In the sum­mer months we came here mainly on Sundays to refresh ourselves in the lake, to meet friends, play Yahtzee (Kniffel in Ger­man) and eat organ­ic ice-cream. We espe­cially have great memor­ies about the sappy veget­ari­an bur­gers and potato wedges. Yummy! For our six months rela­tion­ship we even treated ourselves to a slee­p­over in the Friends-of-Natur House – to mark the occa­sion.
We are happy that the Naturfre­un­dehaus Markelfin­gen will gen­er­ously spon­sor our first and remark­able night. Why remark­able? We will sleep in a tree tent! Exactly, a tent inbetween two trees – with a mag­ni­fi­cent view on Lake Con­stan­ze. The per­fect beginning!

Atten­tion! In the para­graph below we will always give a short back­ground info and prob­ably also a com­mer­cial. It will be some­how our “behind the scenes” telling you about the people and organ­iz­a­tions behind the equip­ment, places we stay over or activ­it­ies we take part in.

As the phrase sug­gests the Friends-of-Nature House is from and for nature­friends. How­ever, there is not only one Friends-of-Nature House. There are over 700! Not only this, but the nature­friends are also an asso­ci­ation – a very large one, indeed! In Ger­many alone there exist over 650 loc­al groups where volun­teers work hour for hour for a world worth liv­ing in. They are com­mit­ted i.a. to sus­tain­able tour­ism, nature and cli­mate pro­tec­tion. The nature­friends inter­na­tionale with their 350,000 mem­bers in roughly 45 mem­ber organ­isa­tions world­wide belong to the largest non-gov­ern­ment­al organ­isa­tions (NGOs). We think this concept deserves to be sup­por­ted and sug­gest to get a mem­ber or spend hol­i­day in one of their houses.

What we could organ­ize until now
Our To Do- list is grow­ing and grow­ing and grow­ing. Nev­er­the­less, we man­aged the fol­low­ing things although we are work­ing full-time:
- The web­site and social media chan­nels are ready to be filled with inter­est­ing con­tent.
- We bought some equip­ment
- We ter­min­ated our ten­ancy, work and oth­er con­tracts.
- Our pass­ports are val­id and we got the neces­sary boost­er shots.
- We decided on the first stage of our world tour.

What we will organ­ize next week:
- Fur­ther obnox­ious bur­eau­cracy e.g. travel health insur­ance, travel bank account and tax return
- Find more sup­port­ers
- Meet with Zweirad Joos

Thank you, that you read the whole post! Please leave a com­ment below or spread our travel idea. We would be happy if you stay tuned!

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