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Interactive, charitable and sustainable

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Amaz­ing, already three weeks on tour! Crazy, time’s fly­ing! In this blog post we sum up the new­est hap­pen­ings for you. An over­view about changes on our web­site and gen­er­al impres­sions are guaranteed.

Inter­act­ive travel map
Our inter­act­ive map is ready and we will now con­tin­ously expand it while trav­el­ing. There­fore you can fol­low us on our jour­ney step by step. In the map you can see where we stayed over night, which nature perls we found, our pic­nic places, impress­ive build­ings, inter­est­ing encoun­ters and many more. You can zoom in and out and click on the mark­ers. A short text, a pic­ture and a link await you. Enjoy the geo­graphy lec­ture 😉 Find here our map.

Blog posts and interviews

Find here the last blog post about the first days in Ger­many. In future we will show you our stops via the travel map. There­fore you have the pos­sib­il­ity to read about our pro­gress in short­er inter­vals. How­ever, blog posts about nature places and sus­tain­able travel as well as inter­views with nature con­ser­va­tion­ists and oth­er inter­est­ing people will be pub­lished in future. Just today we uploaded the first inter­view (only in Ger­man). Erika Dorn from the Nation­al Park Donau-Auen told us about her work.

We had a great time with Erika Dorn, com­mu­nic­a­tion expert at the Nation­al Park Donau-Auen, Aus­tria

3000 kilo­met­ers – 3000 Euros
As you prob­ably already read  the goal of our world tour is to show people the great nat­ur­al places on our earth. On our first stage from Ger­many to Montenegro we are pro­mot­ing the cam­paigns of the nature con­ser­va­tion found­a­tion EuroNatur. It would be amaz­ing to fun­draise 3000 Euros – 1 Euro per cycled kilometer!

You can make your dona­tion via the dona­tion form for the #SaveSalina or the Save­Paradis­e­For­ests cam­paign. Please donate here.

In the spot­light
We do not want to hide from you, that we were present in two loc­al news­pa­pers in Ger­many. Find the art­icles in the Südkur­i­er and in the Ber­sen­brück­er Kreis­blatt (sadly only in German)l

Steffen’s ret­ro­spect of the first 3 weeks along the Danube
In the last 3 weeks we always fol­lowed the Danube on its left or right shore. Stef­fen has these impres­sions on his mind when look­ing back:

» Cyc­ling on the Danube cycle path was some­times bor­ing, some­times really beau­ti­ful – espe­cially off the beaten track we had more adven­tures. You see, this stage was very diver­si­fied. Phys­ic­ally I was not in the best shape as my knees were hurt­ing way too often. I hope that it will get bet­ter over time.

A com­pens­a­tion is the num­ber on our speedo: 1200 km! This is a great achieve­ment for us as we are rook­ies… Sur­pris­ingly, we didn’t have any big acci­dent so far and that the mood is still very good!

All in all the world trip was so far very excit­ing and impress­ive. We met so many dif­fer­ent people and got to know them, their exper­i­ences and great hos­pit­al­ity. It is aston­ish­ing how fast we took them to our hearts. We feel as if we vis­it our fam­ily mem­bers or good friends!

I have a feel­ing that we made the right decision with this journey.«

Now we wrote enough about us – have fun check­ing out our map, read­ing the (Ger­man) art­icles, watch­ing the (Ger­man) inter­views and espe­cially with donating!

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