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Let the adventure begin

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Who doesn’t know this feel­ing: wait­ing! Wait­ing for the train, wait­ing for the grades, wait­ing for the elec­tion res­ults, wait­ing in the queue, wait­ing for the dream lov­er, wait­ing in the wait­ing room. Wait­ing, wait­ing, wait­ing. The list could be con­tin­ued eternally.

We kept you wait­ing for a whole month with this blog-post. Now it is here! How­ever, we know what wait­ing means – we were wait­ing for the most import­ant mail pack­age in our life time! It included i.a. my sleep­ing bag and camp­ing mat. By the way, while wait­ing, one has to be very patient. That is abso­lutely no strength of Stef­fen. The pack­age should have arrived on fri­day – last friday.

How­ever, now, one week later, dir­ectly on our date of depar­ture, the pack­age arrived! Yeah! The angel­ic post­man Peter was our bear­er of good tidings!

Now we can start ped­al­ing this even­ing without any prob­lems. Nev­er­the­less, we wanted to begin our tour already last night in Markelfin­gen. We men­tioned in our blog post numero uno that we will sleep in a tree tent at the Naturfre­un­dehaus Bodensee. Sadly, there was a big storm so we were not allowed to sleep fly­ing over the floor.

We were get­ting our hopes up too soon: the tree tent couldn’t host us last night. Reas­on: rain, thun­der and storm

As a com­pens­a­tion we had a deli­cious din­ner in the Naturfre­un­dehaus res­taur­ant – the veg­gie-bur­ger still tastes very good. We were joined by Linda and Melinda, friends of mine. Over the last month there were many such farewells. The title page pic­ture was shot at Stef­fens fam­ily farewell party.

Our pack­ing list grew con­tinu­ously over the last month. Aston­ish­ingly, we think we have all the bits and bobs packed stra­tegic­ally in our Vaude-pan­niers. We estim­ate that we have about 600 things with us. In-depths cal­cu­la­tions still have to be done. Two of my equip­ment high­lights (except the delayed pack­age): free of charge film con­tain­ers to fill in spices and the t‑shirt from Kipepeo with flamingos.

We were very happy about the pack­age from Kipepeo, one of our part­ners. The t‑shirts still wait to be worn.

Stef­fens equip­ment- high­lights: the self-made cam­era bag from his fam­ily for short hikes and the nearly self-fly­ing 4k-drone with tra­cing mode.

Mead­ows and trees from above: Our mavic air Air was tested some times already. This pic­ture was shot close to Steißlin­gen and Singen. 

This morn­ing we rode with our bikes from Sin­gen to Rad­olfzell to offi­cially start our world trip. On the way we dir­ectly met our first world trip com­pany: the lovely Han­nh accom­pan­ied us after her night shift in the hos­pit­al as first per­son on our trip. This encounter had to be recor­ded with a picture.

At Zweirad Joos Mr. Andreas Joos awaited us for a short foto shooting.

After­wards we said good­bye to our cooper­a­tion part­ner EuroNatur with a short video interview.

Back in our old apart­ment we waited one last time for the pack­age and now we still have to pack our stuff to ride to my friend Leo in Tut­tlingen. We are very excited! Let the adven­ture begin! 

If you want to stay tuned please also con­nect to us on face­book, twit­ter and/or ins­tagram. There we will be post­ing more often than here.

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  1. Dad

    Patience will have to be your com­pan­ion on this tour. How­ever Stef­fen will have enough time to learn that.
    We will be right behind you both, fol­low­ing your adven­ture just here. Keep pedaling .

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