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Hello, Moin Moin, Salli

… and wel­come on our web­site. We’re Vivi­ane and Stef­fen and we have a story to tell. We left our home to see the world. We wish to see the world not from above, but at eye level. There­fore we wont’t fly and will dive more deeply into cul­tures and land­scapes of the coun­tries.
On our jour­ney we will fol­low our travel codex and give you tips and tricks to travel sus­tain­ably. This also means that we meet inspir­ing people and sup­port organ­isa­tions.
We con­cen­trate on the nat­ur­al beau­ties of our plan­et and wish to hike through primev­al forests and dive into oceans.
Join us on our jour­ney and read inspir­ing stor­ies about nature and people.

Yes, we leave and see

We travel around the world to see breath-tak­ing nat­ur­al places, meet inspir­ing people and sup­port organ­isa­tions. Just now we are in Kat­si­kas in North­ern Greece and sup­port the loc­al pro­ject Habibi.Works. This is an open work­ing space  for people who fled their coun­tries to provide a struc­ture for them to integ­rate. Read more about our time in this amaz­ing pro­ject here.
In Stage One we cycled from Lake Con­stan­ze in Ger­many to Montenegro, 3700 km, from  June to Septem­ber 2018.
In Stage Two we spent 2 months in Montenegro to help pro­tect a bird para­dise.

Join our trip

You can sup­port us on our jour­ney with many things, e.g. with an inter­est­ing story, a mouth-water­ing meal, a night on a com­fi couch, a guided nature tour for free or sponsored equip­ment. We would love to report about your gifts and you join­ing our net­work. Your sup­port is turn­ing our jour­ney into a mem­or­able adven­ture.

Find that amazing?

The waves announced, that you have some­thing import­ant to tell us. Send us an elec­tron­ic drift bottle with your com­ments or requests, if you wish to be part of our trip or wish to sup­port us – or just to say “Hello”.

We are on the lookout and await many drift bottles!

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